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SOF Meme Sunday

♥Headcanons: Send the mun a word/phrase/name and they’ll write a headcanon about their character based on it.

♥Truth or Dare: Self explanatory, just don’t overdo the amount of truths and dares! The character/mun doesn’t have to do all of the truths/dares they receive.

♥Drabbles: Ask for a prompt relating to the character and the mun will write a drabble based on it.

♥Ask The Character/Mun: Ask the character/mun anything, but please still try to keep the ooc to a minimum. (You may ask things about the event also!)

♥Fashion Design: Do you tend to follow fads and trends? Do you studiously avoid them? Or do you do your own thing without worrying about it either way?

♥Computer Science: Do you prefer to adopt the latest technological conveniences, or do you prefer to rely on tried-and-true methods?

♥Practical Survival: Someone tries to rob you on the street. What do you do? What are you carrying that the robbers might want?

♥World Cultures: How does you remember the important moments in your life? Do you talk about them to set them in your mind? Do you take photos? Do you write about them? Do you carefully commit them to memory?

♥Journalism: Do you have any responsibilities you feel like you can’t handle? Why did you take them on? What are you doing about them?

♥Psychology: What is one strong memory that has stuck with you from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?

I’m in a loaf of trouble and everything has just gone arye [closed@aoba]



He didn’t see what was going on and for some reason, he couldn’t possibly understand what the male was going through. Closing his eyes and gripping the hands that released from his body, the younger could only shake his head as he tried to calm the man down. Calm down. It’s okay. He wasn’t mad at him or anything but he couldn’t allow his best friend fret over the minor little things. It seemed that the trials and tribulations he was going through weren’t the best things but Aoba knew he had to be there for him.


We’re going to be great parents. Just calm down. He needed to settle down more than anything, he was doing so much on top of extra. It was even to that point he might needed to block him on twitter until he cooled down. Taking a step back from him did the male send the other a text with the use of his coil.

To: Koujaku
From: Aoba S. 


Message transmitting.

Oh.. I didn’t know it had that font style.

With a small smile directed towards Aoba, Koujaku nodded slightly as he slowly stopped going so crazy about this. "Okay, okay, I’ve calmed down." He let out a deep sigh for good measure. His shoulders slumped down and he removed his hands from the grip the other held. Yeah, he was going to be fine now, hopefully. At this current time, he was back in his game; all excited to do the assignment and whatnot. He was pretty confident in his ability not to fuck up anymore (and hopefully he hadn’t horribly jinxed himself right then and there). 

Right now, he might as well go ahead and get the flour sack to start doing… Whatever parents do? As he walked over to the ‘child’, a small ring came from his coil. Picking up the sack, Koujaku checked his coil to see a message from Aoba. Even though…. He was right there….

He kind of make a strange face at it, but decided to send one back anyway.

To: Aoba
From: Koujaku 

Aoba...... Σ(*゚Д`;)

Message Sent.

Ah better send another just in case.

To: Aoba
From: Koujaku 

Let's do our best!(●´▽`)

Message Sent.

Oh!! But he forgot to say something else after that.

To: Aoba
From: Koujaku 

Please don't let me fuck up. Again.ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

Message Sent.

I’m in a loaf of trouble and everything has just gone arye [closed@aoba]


Now when Aoba agreed to do this assignment, he didn’t want to be a shit parent either so he tried thinking positive for the baby. He was even okay with hearing Koujaku say things about how he wanted to be a real good father for the sack child. Now Aoba has his own kid, that being Ren because that dog always caused him trouble to no end. Even he didn’t expect that! A sigh leaving from his lips as he felt the other grab onto his being.

………….Why do you sound so serious..? It was because Koujaku was hella serious, even if the blue haired male knew nothing of the troubles he went through. Blinking a bit confused as he looked towards the area where the flour sack was placed. ….Koujaku. What was he talking about, ok, Boa had great songs but the only way the baby would grow up to be her was if they used the flour to make a cake with and placed Boa’s name on it. He was losing it wasn’t he? This was real bad to see him in this type of condition.


Look me in the face, Koujaku. You have to get a hold of yourself. It wasn’t that bad was it?“ 

Why didn’t Aoba understand what Koujaku had been feeling? Why didn’t he see how distraught he was?!?!? He was being so serious because this was a serious matter! It was just like a kid fucking up during high school and getting bullied for it, then going to his counselor only to be told to calm down and suck it up. Yeah. Great analogy.

"I’m sorry Aoba…. He released his grip on the other’s shoulders. Man, he’s about ready to go into comatose right now. I’m just really worked up about all this. Was he really losing it? Was this entire thing going to his head? Probably. No…… It really was all that bad…. Aoba had no idea about the trials he was put through, it was like a journey to Hell and back; it was absolutely terrible! Why him, why was he the one chosen for having his child stolen and then being called a shit parent for it. Why did this happen to him. Why. Why……..

Okay, anyway, I think I’m… fine… now.. He paused for a deep breath, Alright. Alright! I’m better, let’s.. Let’s just be good parents. 

I’m in a loaf of trouble and everything has just gone arye [closed@aoba]

Koujaku felt terrible, absolutely terrible! How in the world did he ever get put on the shit parent list within a few minutes of first obtaining the flour sack!? It was so unreal, but it happened anyway and he got way too much shit for it. Awful. This was just horrid, his heart broke just thinking about it. But, now, he had to be strong and somehow redeem himself!! He will no longer be the shit parent that he was mistaken to be!

Which was why he set down the ‘baby’ onto a table and grabbed Aoba by the shoulders with a teary eyes face, looking him in the eyes. The male was desperate, and his expression was sort of pathetic; then again, anyone would look like that after all the shit he’s been through.


Aoba…. he couldn’t believe how badly he was degrading himself. We need to properly raise this child……………… haven’t they decided on a name? What was it? Boa? We’ll raise Boa well!!! She’ll grow up to become number one in the kpop charts, come on Aoba, Aoba I’m going to cry. Aoba. Aoba……… This is not okay, I’m not okay, Aoba……………… Sickening.




ryuseiboy replied to your post: ominancism replied to your post: Daddy…. why did…

never come back

ominancism replied to your post: Daddy…. why did you lose me….??? I͘̕ ͢wo̷n̢’͘t̷̨͜.͝.͟. ̵͜͞I̛ ̴w̢ǫ͡͝n̵̕’̀ţ́ ̡f̧o͏͝ŗg͘iv͜e yǫư̢!͟͝
what did you call your baby, 10 points taken away from the insufferable koujaku

 Anonymous whispered: Daddy.... why did you lose me....??? I͘̕ ͢wo̷n̢'͘t̷̨͜.͝.͟. ̵͜͞I̛ ̴w̢ǫ͡͝n̵̕'̀ţ́ ̡f̧o͏͝ŗg͘iv͜e yǫư̢!͟͝

You’re a flour sack